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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 33 - Bead and Button

Yesterday, my mom, one of her friends, and I drove to Milwaukee for a HUGE bead show. It is, in fact, the largest in the nation. It is called, simply, Bead and Button Show. My mom is teaching three classes! THREE! These are her first classes she's ever taught to adults, and she's teaching at this huge show! YAY!
I came to help her with the classes. I'm just the young apprentice, but I get to come to this amazing event! This picture is of me and my mom before one of her classes today, and may I say that she did awesome? Yes, I think I will. Her students loved her, loved the class, and learned to love jewelry making more! I'm so proud! :) Check out her blog post about the Bead Show BEFORE we left for it, and stay tuned for her blog post AFTER we are finished! 

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