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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 47 - Colorado

I had four comments yesterday...hopefully more people than that read my blog...but I am grateful for all of you who do! No matter how many of you there are. :)

About the post yesterday: The winner is Derek Lee! YAY! He guessed Colorado, and that's the answer. Our family took a road trip this summer to Colorado (near Fort Collins). We stayed at a ranch owned by friends of ours. They own 3,200 acres of land!

When you stand on their back porch, outlooking the beautiful mountains and fields, everything that you can see belongs to them. What a feeling that must be for them to know they OWN that gorgeous land! 

Yesterday was a picture of an old horse corral on their ranch. Today is a picture of a beautiful river that runs through their land. Not many people in Colorado have water on their property, so it's a big deal. This picture was taken when we were driving through the river to get to another part of the property. 
We were able to swim in it and fish. My sister, Isabel, caught a seventeen inch trout! It was very tasty:) Although, when we swam, we just about FROZE to death! The first day was fine, but the second day....I'm serious: that river dropped 50˚! Either way, not many people can say they swam in a fishing hole in the mountains of Colorado! But I can:)

Don't worry...there are more pictures of Colorado coming soon:)

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