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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 50 - Awesome Sign

Today is my 50th blog post! Woot woot! I know that if I had blogged every single day since I started, I'd be a lot farther, but my crazy schedule hasn't really permitted me the freedom to blog everyday. Yes, I could try to make the time, but I don't always think about it...but today is not a day for apologies, it's a day to celebrate! YAY! Let's have a party and some cake and....just kidding. HA! (We'll save the party for when I finish all 365 days). :)


While we were in Fort Collins, Colorado, there was an amazing shoe store! If you've read my profile, you will find that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes. Especially boots. Thus the name of my blog...

In the shoe store was this amazing sign! Since the name of my blog is about shoes, what better picture than this to celebrate my 50th blog post? 
Let us all take a minute to remember how special shoes are.....ah yes...thank you shoes for being awesome;) (A girl can NEVER have too many shoes!)

So, what kind of shoes do you love? Do you have a favorite shoe brand, type, or just a favorite shoe? Let me know!

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