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Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 48 - Scotty McCreery

Ok, since I finally shared our vacation destination with you, I thought I'd take a break from blogging about my travels, and blog about something awesome that happened to me this week.

Yesterday was a very special day. For those of you who didn't know...and most of you probably didn' was Scotty McCreery's 18th birthday yesterday! ( know...the winner of season 10 of American Idol? Yeah. That Scotty). Anyway, last Tuesday I bought his debut CD, "Clear As Day," which is super awesome. I though't I'd celebrate his birthday by doing a CD review/just tell you all about my new favorite CD. :)

So here goes:

Scotty McCreery's CD was released October 4!!! I voted for him every week on American Idol, and it payed off...he won! I bought his CD on Tuesday, and have listened to it probably ten times already. My favorite song is "Out of Summertime," the first track on the album. It's a nice, upbeat, true country song. Then again, so are "You Make That Look Good" and "Walk in the Country," and I really like those songs as well.

As far as lyrics go, "Dirty Dishes" and "That Old King James" are true to the Country roots: being thankful for your family, and a precious bible passed down through the family.

All in all, I think it is a very well balanced album. Be sure to check it out!
Oh, you didn't know I had a signed Scotty McCreery picture? Well, that's unfortunate...because it's totally awesome! I sent him a few letters, and I got a response from his mom, and a signed picture! How cool is that? I received a signed picture from a person I totally adore...ok, maybe obsess over a little ;). I was so ecstatic. The picture sits on my dresser, for everybody to see. I am so proud of it:) 

So there they two Scotty "things" that I'm so happy to have. Thrilled, actually. ;)


  1. I will definitely check out his CD. Thank you, for the review.


  3. I loved the first song I heard on the American Idol Show, I Love You This Much, but, I was delighted with the entire album, every song is a hit. You will not be disappointed!! Scotty McCreery's first album is sure to be just one of many, many more to come. This young man is extremely talented.

  4. Mr. Scotty McCreery is...plainly...the bomb! He's extremely talented and I'm excited to see what he will come out with in the future. For now, the songs he has are great!


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