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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 55 - Rock & Worship Roadshow

On Friday, I went with some of the awesomest friends in the whole world to the Rock & Worship Roadshow! It was a ton of fun. We sat really close to the stage (the closest I've ever been!), and I fist-bumped the singer from Hawk Nelson, and high-fived Group 1 Crew! It was a really cool experience. I got a lot of really cool pictures, but this was one of my favorites. 
I really didn't edit this photo at all. The only thing I fixed was I took out red "exit" sign in the background. It was very small and kind of distracting. Other than that, this picture is straight out of the camera! 

If you're wondering who this person is, it's the main singer from Jars of Clay. I couldn't find his name, but they are an awesome group! 

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  1. You showed me that pic right after you took it! Awesome! That was a super cool night :)


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