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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 58 - Again, Something from Colorado

Our computer is still rebelling and refuses to allow me to upload an awesome picture I took. My mom is trying to fix it, but who knows how successful that will be? ;)

So I guess I will pull a another picture from our vacation to Colorado. I can't even edit a new photo right now, so I have to use one already done and ready to go. So here's a picture of a hummingbird. Obviously, you can tell this was taken a while ago because now, it is snowing. In this picture, it is not. I think I like the weather in this picture much better than the real weather at the current moment! 
When I took this, we were just sitting on a bench in Fort Collins, Colorado, and I was bored. I think we were waiting for somebody, or thinking about what we were going to do next...I don't remember. But whatever the reason, I was still bored. So I took random pictures. I took pictures of people, cars, the sidewalk! Like I said, I was bored! But then a hummingbird decided to show up right next to me, which is (as you photographers know) a GREAT opportunity for a picture! 

Now, this picture is not the best, but I really liked it because I caught the bird looking at me, and the wings are blurry. What do you think? Any tips for better bird pictures? :)

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  1. i especially like tahlia's leg in the pic :)

    zoom in...smaller aperture for a better depth of field.


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