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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 17 - American Country Countdown With Kix Brooks

I love country music. It's not just listening to it, but literally loving everything about it and knowing all the songs. I! Love! Country! Music! A lot.

One of my favorite shows to listen to on the radio is the American Country Countdown With Kix Brooks. It's where they count down the top 40 country songs of the week. During that time, they read requests from listeners, play past number one hits, and have their own little special thing called "Live Like You Were Dying" where they read stories from listeners who have had something major in their life they want to share. The show even has a special guest every week!

This past week, I sent in a request for a song, wrote about why I wanted them to play it, and they picked me! This was totally awesome for me because I don't ever get picked for ANYTHING, plus, Kix Brooks was going to read my request and say my name on the radio!!! I actually received an e-mail from a producer of the show asking how to pronounce my name. After I thought about it, I realized I would not be able to hear the show that week because I would not be home, so I asked if it was possible to somehow get a small recording through e-mail or something...and they actually sent me a CD of the entire show!

I couldn't believe how awesome she was for doing that for me! I totally appreciated it and now have been able to listen to it! Because they were so nice, I will be sure to tell everybody to listen in and totally listen in every week myself for sure! I would suggest at least checking out their website!

So thank you again ACC! You are great people! 


  1. you need to let me listen to it! :) that's awesome that they picked yours!

  2. that. is. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooox10. COOL!!! you so have to let me listen to that CD!


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