This year, starting April 12, 2011 I will be posting one picture a day for 365 days as a fun way to share my life with you.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 23 - Best Friends

(First, I would like to apologize for not blogging yesterday. I tried to log on Blogger last night, but Blogger was undergoing some maintenance and I was not able to blog. This is my blog post for yesterday!)

My best friend is Annelise. She's great! We are alike in so many ways, and we are different in so many ways. I'm thankful to have such a godly young woman as my best friend! We are both homeschooled and we both LOVE horses. We love, well, each other too! I love her a TON!
We hung out yesterday, and what do teenage girls do when they hang out? Take tons of pictures of course! Yup. That's what we did...and we studied a TON for our english exam next week. This picture is straight out of my camera. I didn't think I needed to make us any prettier than we already are! Just kidding!!! ;) (Inspired by me starting a blog, Anna started one as well. You can check out her blog here: Anna's Blog )

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