This year, starting April 12, 2011 I will be posting one picture a day for 365 days as a fun way to share my life with you.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 10 - Home Run!

Yesterday, my brother, Noah, played a baseball game. A double header to be exact. He's on the freshman school team and they play some good ball. Anyway, they won both games played really hard and I'm proud of him. :)
The coolest thing about yesterday's game is my brother's awesome hit. A home run! YEAH! It wasn't just an in the park home was a line drive, out of the park, homer! SMACK! Oh yeah. My big bro can really hit that ball. 

This is his home run ball he was allowed to keep. He's so proud of it! I hope someday, I'll be able to hit like my big brother.


  1. Very well done photograph. Nice framing of the ball with the mitt - and nice positioning of the ball in the photo.


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