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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 9 - Happy Birthday Tahlia!

Today is April 21. Go figure. But today is not just ANY April 21. Today is a special day because on this day 9 years ago, my little sister, Tahlia, was born! I remember a few weeks before she was born, we went to Hobby Lobby and bought white T-shirts and T-shirt glitter and then decorated a bunch of shirts to wear to the hospital when she was born! (That's my mom for ya! Always thinking about crafts even when she's pregnant)!

On the front they said "I'm a big sister," or "I'm a big brother," and on the back we drew out all of our family (stick figures of course. Then we drew a tiny baby at the bottom of the shirt! I think I may still have my shirt somewhere...
This is her now. She's SO cute and I love her so much! One thing I love about her is that she's extremely my mom! She always wants to make something. And I mean always! She's also very one-track-minded. Starting exactly one week from her birthday, she would run to the mailbox everyday to check whether or not she got a card in the mail. She'd be really disappointed if nothing came, but then she'd just think about tomorrow! Like I Hhmmmm. I wonder where she gets THAT! 

So I just wanted to wish my lil' sis a happy birthday! I love you T!

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  1. very sweet tribute. and yes, we do have those shirts somewhere! they were AWESOME!!


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